Master of Science in Computer Science from University of La Laguna.

I began my career in La Salle San Ildefonso School, as a System Administrator, teacher and IT Department Manager.

Several years later, I decided to redirect my career towards IT consulting, working at Unisys. There I was introduced to the exciting world of SAP, ABAP development and I learnt a lot about business that can not be read in books.

I have worked several years as a project manager, presales and IT consultant at Itop Management Consulting.

I have worked as a senior IT consultant at Advance Group (in Barcelona, for a year and a half) and as an account manager at Qwerty Sistemas.

I have worked as Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Grupo Valora.

I have worked as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at ValoraData and Secuora, assuming the direction of these companies at the highest level, managing and responding to their results in all areas.

Currently, I’m working as Business Development Manager at KuFlow.