Master of Science in Computer Science from University of La Laguna.

I began my career in La Salle San Ildefonso School, as a System Administrator, teacher and IT Department Manager.

Several years later, I decided to redirect my career towards IT consulting, working at Unisys. There I was introduced to the exciting world of SAP, ABAP development and I learnt a lot about business that can not be read in books.

I have worked several years as a project manager, presales and IT consultant at Itop Management Consulting.

I have worked as a senior IT consultant at Advance Group (in Barcelona, for a year and a half) and as an account manager at Qwerty Sistemas.

I have worked as Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Grupo Valora.

I have worked as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at ValoraData and Secuora.

Currently, I’m working as Business Development Manager at KuFlow.