Who I am

I was born in Tenerife in 1978. Here is where I have my family, most of my friends and my roots. Canarian by conviction and by necessity (but not in that order), I belong to a wonderful land that has seen me grow and mature as a person.

Part of my professional career took place in Barcelona, a cozy metropolis and one of the national leaders in IT industry, although new challengues brought me back to the Canary Islands.

Since I was a child, I have been interested in the world of technology and computers, a fact that is very common nowadays but it wasn’t so much in the 80’s. Most of my youth was closely linked to La Salle schools. To them I owe a lot about my personal development and human values.

I spent over twelve years of my spare time to Spanish Red Cross, primarily as Emergency Volunteer and Instructor (E.M.S. and lifeguarding). I was also managing projects at Training Department and managing a Local Chapter as Director. It was a very rewarding stage in my life, because it helped me to shape my character. I keep very good memories, a lot of experiences and an important group of people in my heart.

Today my reduced spare time is diversified into a variety of activities, which I cannot give a right periodicity but it allows me to have some dynamism: reading, some sports, the technological blogosphere and films.